New Strategic Core Values

New Strategic Core Values
Did you know that we have new Strategic Core Values?
At the Regular Session of Mayor and Council on September 18, 2023, it was decided to amend the City of College Park’s Core Values to include the word “Transparency”.
In 2020, the City of College Park revised its five-year Strategic Plan. These values shed light on our vision and mission and provide the foundation for achieving our goals, objectives, and all related actions.
With the addition to “Transparency” being added to the already established core values “Hospitality”, ”Equity and Inclusion,” Advancement,” “Leadership,” “Transparency and Professionalism,” and “Harmony”, completes an acronym, HEALTH. With a positive and memorable acronym, such as HEALTH, it will be an easy reminder of the values that will drive our community builders each day for the City of College Park and those we serve in the community.
“The HEALTH of our community ensures the longevity of our community”.