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2021 Comprehensive Plan Update!

One of the most impactful responsibilities of local government is planning – a word used to describe how a community shapes and guides growth and development.  Cities in Georgia update their required Comprehensive Plan every five years and it’s time for College Park to do just that. The update of our Comprehensive Plan offers us the opportunity to look beyond the execution of the day-to-day city services and consider where the city wants to be in the next five-years and what it would take to get there. On January 4th  we will kick off our Comprehensive Plan update with a public hearing where we will share more about the upcoming process. We will unveil the final product in October of 2021 and between now and then, we will have many opportunities for you - our neighbors, investors, and business owners - to give input. So be on the lookout for additional notices to stay involved and informed.

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The City of College Park Planning and Growth Management is performed by a contract consultant, The Collaborative Firm, LLC that works in conjunction with the Inspections DepartmentMichelle Alexander is currently serving as City Planner at College Park. 

The Collaborative Firm is available to answer questions about the zoning process and other matters regarding city planning. Coordination with this office is important as the consultant generates recommendations concerning applications heard by the Board of Zoning Appeals, Planning Commission, and Mayor and Council.

Due to COVID-19, the staff will be available by appointment only. Please email or call to set up an appointment. 

Outside of these office hours, the planning and zoning consultant may be reached at their office at The Collaborative Firm, LLC or via email at sirons@tcfatl.com or nwashington@tcfatl.com 



College Park Comprehensive Plan 2016-2036

Zoning Map

South Fulton CTP

AeroATL Greenway Plan

MARTA Enhancement Plan - Appendix A

Kc Krzic, Planner
Email: kkrzic@tcfatl.com
Phone: (404) 767-1537 

Six West formally know as
"Airport City" Updates

Mayor and Council approved the rezoning proposal of Six West at the July 20th, 2020 meeting. 

Six West Staff Report 
Six West DRI Results 
Six West List of Parcel Numbers
Six West Rezone Map 
Six West Development Standards
Six West Architectural Pattern Book 
Six West Residential District Standards