Online and E-Check Tax Payments

Locate, print and pay your (property) taxes online via the secure portal Pay Property Taxes
As an added convenience, our office now offers E-Checks as an option to pay your property tax bill. There is a $5.00 flat rate option versus the 3% service fee for using a credit card.
Government Window, LLC is a third party automated payment service that accepts Visa, MC, Discover and debit cards. This third party vendor charges a 3% service fee for each transaction. The fees charged for this service are at the discretion of Government Window, LLC. 
The City of College Park does not receive any portion of this fee.
Please keep in mind the following:

  • A current payoff must be calculated w/late fee, when bill is delinquent.
  • The fee is charged for each tax bill, when paying multiple tax bills.
  • The oldest year must be paid first, when paying multiple years.
  • Tax bills must be paid individually

Any international customer(s) desiring to pay their property tax(es) electronically; please contact the College Park Property Tax Division.