Six West Cultural Arts

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We Are Price Barbershop Community Meeting #1 
January 8th, 2024 
Event Summary : Price Barbershop Mtg 1 Event Summary.pdf

The purpose of the 1st Public Workshop Meeting was to initiate the City of College Park’s Price Barbershop project designed to engage the community in the planning efforts to restore and revitalize the iconic location as a historical landmark while honoring the community’s original African American culture. The interactive workshop was held in partnership with PHOAA’s scheduled monthly meeting and was designed to engage community members and legacy residents of the neighborhoods formally in the Six West area to gain their insight about the historical neighborhood to be utilized throughout the planning process.

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We Are Price Barbershop Community Meeting #2
January 30th, 2024 
Event Summary: Price Barbershop Mtg 2 Event Summary.pdf
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The meeting was held in an immersive and interactive engagement style that started with the project overview and current planning efforts completed thus far, followed by facilitated activities to continue gathering additional insight from legacy residents. More than 55 community members were in attendance representing a variety of stakeholder groups.

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